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Sunday, June 1, 2014

We Take Flex Spending

Infinity Health and Wellness Center Now takes FLEX Spending!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Spooning. Good For You!

Have you spooned your mate lately?  Spooning actually allows your partners heart beat to sync with yours at night, promoting more restful sleep & healing.  But, statistics show most couples sleep on opposite sides of the bed!

Snorers, blanket hogs, midnight readers—they're often kicked out of bed for disturbing the peace. Then there are the light sleepers, night owls, and perpetually hot people who think they sleep better in beds of their own. As a result of these and other issues—from sleep apnea to sleep walking—the National Sleep Foundation reports that nearly a quarter of couples in the United States sleep apart, according to The Wall Street Journal.
But Rachel E. Salas, assistant medical director for the Johns Hopkins Center for Sleep, told the WSJ that these solo sleepers may be missing out on the healthy benefits of sharing a bed with a partner. Back in the "cave days," our ancestors slept naked, so a family-style bed was vital to warmth as well as survival against predators. In modern times, studies point to the emotional benefits derived from cuddling with a partner. "Spooning" is thought to release oxytocin, which "helps the body relax, reduces blood pressure, and promotes healing," said Salas, an assistant professor of neurology.
Sleeping apart is a relatively modern phenomenon and varies across cultures, Dr. Salas says. "My father is from Mexico and my mom is from Texas, and both of them slept with all of their brothers and sisters when they were growing up," she says. If you go to other countries, whole families still sleep together, she says. "Humans are social creatures. We want someone nearby."
While sleeping next to a loved one can enhance sleep, and in some cases help diagnose a sleep issue needing medical attention, Salas said there are some cases where sleeping alone is a necessity. "If you wake up often from ambient noises or get hot in your sleep, keeping your bed to yourself may be exactly what you need."

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The Art of Letting Go

“One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go. Whether it’s guilt, anger, love, loss or betrayal. Change is never easy. We fight to hold on and we fight to let go.”

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No more Men in the Family

......I have no more uncles.....no grandfathers, no father(s), no males in my family over 54 years old......haven't for more than 10 years now......all gone early from diseases that predominates the Black community......cancers, strokes, heart attacks, etc....As fathers day approaches, I'm reminded of why I'm in the natural health & wellness field.......To prolong or possibly save the life of someone else's father, uncle, husband, brother, grandfather, hitter.........If you still have a father whom you love, be vigilant & adamant about keeping him healthy & around for ever........Infinity Health & Wellness Center..... Cheryl Tyler, Owner of Infinity Health and Wellness Center

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The Beautiful and Talented Keke Wyatt

The beautiful & talented songstress Keke Wyatt knows about that Mag!  Don't leave home without it.  Keeps your gut cleaned & your tummy flattened... Infinity Health & Wellness Center 267-338-9455 for your supply.

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A World without Processed Food

Can you imagine living in a world without "super" markets?  How about living without  refrigerators?  Well, there was a time when our food wasn't "mass" produced & put into convenient containers & available to the masses.  Obesity was reserved for the rich folks only.

What are processed foods? Allow me to shed some light.
A “processed food,” in general, is something that has had to endure a process to make it what it is before it is turned over to you. Almost everything that comes in a box… is processed. Almost everything that comes in a zip-sealed bag… is processed. Almost everything that comes from a big giant brand or huge corporation or massive factory plant somewhere… is processed. Almost everything that you purchase from a grocery store… is processed.
I mean, that includes a lot – that’s all the aisles in the grocery store! You’d have to scale the perimeter of the store to avoid that, right?
Let’s look at the history of food in this country over the past one hundred or so years.
Once upon a time, before food was big industry (meaning: before processed foods) and we were dealing with the fear of famine, people were much smaller. Being overweight was a rich person’s dilemma. Why? Because you have to ingest an AWFUL LOT of whole foods (as in, not processed) on a regular basis to develop and maintain an overweight physique in that day. So being overweight simply didn’t make financial sense. Things like bread, pies, cookies, cakes… they were rare – couldn’t always buy them at the store, so you had to make them at home. Highly unlikely that you could or would be able to bake sweets every single day for your pleasure.
Because they were concerned about famine, portions were rationed carefully. They didn’t want to be caught out there not being about to get food, and having little at the house. Sometimes, you’ll hear our elders talk about when whole grains were once rationed out to the masses because not only did they need to make sure they had it for the soldiers, they needed to make sure the supply could cover everyone in the event of emergency.
To sum it up, food wasn’t presumed to be plentiful, and it caused people to skimp, penny pinch, and exercise portion control.
Now, in comes the push toward larger food distributors – less focus on local, more focus on “getting big.” “Get big or get out,” I believe was the actual line. The US Gov’t honestly feared that they wouldn’t be able to feed everyone without food production going factory, and took every effort they could to try to get it there. With food production being taken to the factories, we were separated more from how our food was made. The further the process was taken from us, the less oversight we had in regards to what was in it. We used to have the milkman, right? You made arrangements with a local farm to have your milk delivered to your door, right? Now, if you drink milk, you’re buying a gallon that comes from a farm that you have no knowledge of. You’re buying from a brand.

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Stop waiting for everyone

"Do we wait on our friends for all things?  I see people all the time who seem to need their "friend" for nearly every move they make.  If their friend can't make it to the gym, or to their weekly Colonic session, or can't start the juice fast, or can't get to Zumba class, or won't go vegan for a week...then, neither can they!  Now, I'm all for girl-friend fun, but, I realize that my girlfriends don't own responsibility for my health, & neither I over theirs.  So, solo it ladies when your friend can't or won't invest as heavily into their health & wellness as you know you need to.  Maintaining good health should be priority at all times." Cheryl Tyler, Owner of Infinity Health and wellness Center

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Do you Have Shy Bowels??

Afraid to take sh*t when you know or even just think some one is nearby?  Well, there's a name for that too!  Parcopresis AKA "shy-bowel" syndrome.  Some people will wait for hours or even days before they go poop for fear of "getting caught".  I know a woman who's been married for 21 years & her husband has never seen her poop nor has he ever seen her go to take a poop.  Seek natural remedies & techniques in this article as well as colonics.

Parcopresis, or Shy Bowel Syndrome as it is often called, is a psychological disorder that results in a person being unable to relieve themselves unless a certain level of privacy is afforded.

The exact level of privacy will vary from one sufferer to another.

Some Parcopresis sufferers find it impossible to defecate in a public restroom when people are present, while others grow anxious just at the mere possibility that a person will enter the room. Other sufferers are unable to defecate when people are in the same house or building.

This disorder only makes it possible for sufferers to do their business in a limited number of places that are deemed safe. This, in effect, restricts their lifestyles. The level of restriction will depend on the severity of the condition.Some suffers may find it somewhat restricting, but not debilitating. Others, however, experience extreme restriction and find themselves forced to give up their jobs, avoid vacations they would otherwise take and generally limit and dictate most aspects of life.

Shy Bowel Syndrome affects both women and men of any age or backgroundIt is unknown exactly how many people suffer from the condition at this particular time. Severity is considered to be a key factor in determining this number because some people who experience it find their lifestyles virtually uninterrupted by its presence while others may find their lives greatly affected by its demands.You may be experiencing Shy Bowel Syndrome if you find it very difficult or impossible to defecate when others are around or could potentially be present. Extreme anxiety and the inability to relieve your body when you know it is necessary are important symptoms to recognise.

The good news is there is treatment for Parcopresis

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is one treatment available. This form utilises methods of desensitisation to help sufferers feel less anxious about those around them.Other forms of therapy may be effective as well. If you are a sufferer of Shy Bowel Syndrome, you may consider seeking the assistance of a therapist who can tell you about the treatment options available and recommend the one that will best fit your particular situation.

If your condition is mild, you may find it possible to treat it using a self-help method. If, on the other hand, it is more severe and debilitating, therapy is most likely your best option as it will enable you to resume your normal lifestyle.

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