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Friday, September 5, 2014

Be Happy!

If you wait for happy moments, you will wait forever.  But If you start believing that you are happy,  You will be happy forever.

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How Many animals do we kill a year?

That's over 100,000 animals killed every minute. Besides the ethical implications, those animals need to be fed, watered, and housed somewhere. it's simply not an environmentally sustainable diet.

Switch to a plant-based diet and reduce your footprint by 60%.

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Eat Meat? Get it Fresh and Toxin Free!

If you are a meat eater and have been looking for some farm fresh, & organically raised meats, visit this site.  They do deliver for mail orders.


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Today, our environment is full of pollution and toxins excreted by vehicles, factories, plastics in our homes, mercury dental fillings, and chemical farm sprays. These chemicals interact with our cells, the signals that are sent between cells, and our mitochondria, interrupting normal function and increasing inflammation. These toxins increase both the probability of getting a chronic disease and the severity of symptoms of that disease. Reducing your exposure to plastics, solvents, and heavy metals will help you attain and maintain good health, as will increasing vegetable and berry consumption, which improves processing and elimination of these toxins.

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How to Have a Proper Raw Food Diet.

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Don't hold those memories in your colon!

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Infinity Health and Wellness Center has Enzyme Supplements

Inefficient enzymes (DNA)
We each have a unique mix of efficient and inefficient enzymes, courtesy of the DNA we inherited from our parents. It is the interaction between these enzyme efficiencies and inefficiencies and our diet and lifestyle choices that determines which chronic diseases we acquire. Consuming a nutrient-dense diet, reducing the risk of food allergies, eating and living organic, engaging in regular stress reduction, and getting 7 or more hours of sleep each night dramatically reduces the risk that inefficient enzymes will lead to a chronic disease.
Ultimately, it is our diet and lifestyle choices that either create health, abundant energy, joy, and a clear mind or problems with fatigue, brain fog, pain, and other physical complaints. Disease begins with broken chemistry in our cells, which arises from our diet and lifestyle choices. Eat and live for your cells today and feel better tomorrow. 
Visit www.infinityhealthwellness.com for Enzyme Supplements!!!

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