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Monday, May 27, 2013

Is Your Water Tainting Your Organic Produce?

By CULLIGAN MAN | Published: APRIL 12, 2012

We see you at the grocery store, perusing the organic food aisle. Making sure the fruits and veggies you delicately place into your cart are organically grown and free of pesticides. Maybe you drove to the local farmers market to pick and choose the berries and herbs and vegetables from your grocery list.

But later in the week, when you pull that same produce out to make a nice salad or enjoy some fresh fruit, are you rinsing it with unfiltered tap water?

Stop right there.

You could be rinsing your fresh organic produce with water tainted by the very pesticides you hoped to avoid by purchasing organic in the first place. Pesticides, through runoff, can find themselves in streams and groundwater, and eventually into your glass of water.

Keep in mind, a report from the United States Geological Society told us these pesticides are rarely at concentrations likely to affect humans, but if you’re already putting forth the money for organic produce, do you want to risk tainting them even a little?

If you’re worried about the food you put into your body, we say worry about the water, too. They go hand in hand. Think about a water filtration system. We certainly do. Obviously.

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