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Saturday, May 25, 2013

LIVE EVENT! Protecting Our Fathers - Sat, June 8th 3-5PM

"Protecting Our Fathers"

Join us for a live event...

A Pre-Father's Day Event Focused on the
Health & Wellness for the Men in our Lives

brought to you by Infinity Health & Wellness
and Mellow Massage Therapy Center 

This event is being held in a Yoga Center, so bring a yoga mat if you have one (and if not, no worries). We'll be doing some yoga moves at half time for those interested.

>> Saturday, June 8th from 3 pm - 5 pm

Hosted at Mellow Massage Therapy Center in the courtyard
3502 Scotts Lane, Building 19, Suite 1911

Non-Member Cost: $25 at the door.
CLIENTS of Infinity Health and Wellness & Mellow Massage and their guests are FREE when you register now. That's right, the $25 fee is waived for clients of Infinity Health and Wellness.

Reserve your seat now!

TOPIC: "Men: Reversing Disease & Managing Pain"
presented by Dr. Marjorie Dejoie

Dr. Marjorie Dejoie is the product of Haitian/American parents, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Marjorie obtained her medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania and shortly thereafter, her Personal Training certification. She went on to specialize in Internal Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Marjorie’s ground breaking work as a primary medical and exercise consultant for the Mayor's Fun Fit and Free campaign allowed her to apply her training in an integrative, community-based, preventative format with the primary goal of making Philadelphia a healthier city. 

From there she molded a career in what she has coined "Restorative Medicine" which utilizes a fusion of the principles of medicine, prescribed exercise, bio-psychosocial elements and alternative medicine in the "holistic" treatment of patients.

Through her business "Bonne Sante", Marjorie has dedicated herself to making this world a better place by making it healthier, one person at a time. She hopes to positively impact the lives of everyone that she comes in contact with, but especially those with chronic illnesses. It is Marjorie’s hope that in the future, she will open up a facility that provides acute medical treatment in the form of a day unit, healthy life principles in the form of a wellness center and supportive service through a psychosocial component. Through awareness, education, empowerment and change, the paths to wellness and health are endless.

TOPIC: "The Genocide of Men at the Dinner Table.  How Meat, Dairy, & Other Hybrid Foods Are Killing Our Men"
presented by Ch. Min. Billel El of ISIS

Billel Jafari El is certified in and has studied a variety of areas of Nutritional and Natural Health and Healing.    

He lectures around the country to thousands of listeners about the hypocrisy of the food and health industry, the true "Food Pyramid", laboratory foods vs foods from the forests, acidic vs alkaline, animal flesh vs plant based nutrition, healing the body from injury and disease through nutrition & herbs, raw vs cooked, and more.

Ch. Min Billel El has studied, trained, taught, and practiced the discipline of martial Arts and Sciences, specializing in Traditional Wushu Training Northern Long Fist Praying Mantis Boxing for more than 25 years, receiving countless trophies & awards.  He’s also a certified Personal Physical Fitness Instructor, Certified Crowd Control Security Specialist, and Weapons Trainer.  

Raised in Philadelphia, subjected to cultural ignorance & the rough lessons of the young inner city male for survival, Minister Billel El’s voice is powerful, and his rhetoric is strong, reminisncent of the struggles he endored.  He teaches nutrition, its history, and its future with knowledge, and vigor.

This LIVE EVENT Made Possible by Cheryl Tyler
Owner of Infinity Health & Wellness Center

Cheryl Tyler, Certified Colon Hydro Therapist, and Certified Nutritional Consultant, is one of the partners at the Infinity Health & Wellness Colonic Center, Philadelphia, Pa. Ms. Tyler received her Colon Hydro Therapy training at the acclaimed Awareness Institute For Wellness & Education in Marietta, Ga. and The Nile Wellness Center, Atlanta, Ga., under the direct tutelage of Dr. Michael Imani, Ph.D. Mind/Body Medicine & author of “The Diet Code.” She received her Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition with the esteemed Cornell University under the renowned Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of “The China Study." She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Business Administration and Accounting with Regis University, Denver, Co. Ms. Tyler has practiced in the area of holistic health, wellness, & fitness for the past 15 years, after serving her country for 9 years as a soldier in the United States Army.

Her motivation for holistic wellness: Loosing family member after family member to cancer, heart disease, drug addiction & psyche disorders, & suffering all of her life with digestive system concerns. Ms. Tyler found that helping others live a healthier lifestyle was the most productive way to deal with familial deaths. She accomplishes this mission while servicing clients with COLON HYDRO THERAPY, and giving the clients a laymen’s education in what it takes to maintain a healthy digestive system. As goes our digestive system, so goes our health. Cleansing the colon, detoxifying the body, regular exercise and eating primarily plant-based nutrition is the solid and proven key to longevity, sound mind, and healthy, & fit body. Ms. Tyler and the staff at Infinity Health & Wellness Colonic Center, Phila., Pa. speaks at health & wellness events to get the good news across to as many people as possible. The Good News: We can beat CANCER & other chronic diseases.

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