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Monday, July 1, 2013

Look like a Gladiator

Why aren't we all walking around looking like a warrior straight outta “300”? 
When was the last time you baled a ton of hay,
picked bushels of cotton, 
bare hands hunted wild animal, trapped rodents, 
built a hut, 
hand woven material, 
hand milled corn, fetched water, butchered a pig, 
axed down a tree & chopped it 
into firewood, 
walked 10 miles to & from school, 
dug a 6’ grave, 
moved boulders up an Egyptian pyramid, or slew a wooly mammoth? It’s been a few decades or centuries huh? We gotta get in the gym folks! We’re in the 21st century, the lap of luxury, decadence, & leisure despite your 10 hour work days, single-parent-hood, pay-check to paycheck or million dollar lifestyle. There’s no real physical exertion in our work day. We “must” inject hard core physical activity into our daily routine. Exercise! Er’ day.

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