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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Coffee up the Rear Keeps your Colon Clear


I’m Yahel Johnson and I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (Bone) Cancer November 15, 2012. After being diagnosed, I refused chemotherapy and opted for the healthy approach by way of The Gerson Therapy.

When I told my oncologist I was going to use alternative medicine to cure my cancer, I was told I was going to kill myself. Since then, I have had a CT scan that showed the growth of my aggressive tumor had slowed down dramatically. When I asked my oncologist about the likelihood of my most recent scan he told me that it was not considered normal for my tumor’s growth rate to slow down and if I had been treated with chemo my scans would be considered successful results in response to the chemo.

I will continue to use The Gerson Therapy and I have started a blog to document what I have learned in an attempt to make it easier for others to replicate their own successful results. After I am cured, I hope to one day have my own cooking show teaching people how to live a Gerson inspired life.

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