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Friday, July 31, 2015

Simple: Change Your Thoughts, Improve Your Health

Seriously.  Some of us seem to hold on real tight to disease & illness & even to the attention we get.  Lets try claiming recovery & health maintenance.

(NaturalNews) The more an individual recognizes the power of their thoughts and emotions, the more they realize their role in creating and influencing the life that's flashing before their eyes. The values a person establishes, the expectations they have, and the template they create in their heart, have the power to pull entire experiences into their life. In this awakening, one learns to have positive faith in who they are and that version of themselves manifests. In this awareness, one recognizes the negative self talk that is trying to pull their existence into a realm of pain and frustration.

When a person feels free inside and believes in that freedom, they will be given opportunities to exercise that freedom. As a person envisions good health and makes room for health freedom, the more they will attract the opportunities to see these realities express.

Learn more:  http://www.naturalnews.com/049976_self_talk_illness_depression.html#ixzz3hXIrgAEI

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