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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Is your relationship causing you weight gain?

Posted on November 1, 2012 by NICKY RODRIGUES

Did you ever have one of those moments where you stumbled upon your old photos from University and you were absolutely gob smacked at how thin you were!

You wonder to yourself –How in the hell did I maintain that figure? What in my life has changed since then, that I am now 8kg’s heavier?- It is then that you realise that it was during this time that you met – let’s call him Joel- and since meeting and dating Joel your body mass has vastly increased.

What were you doing back then, that doesn’t happen now?

  • It is simple really, when you are single and on the hunt for your next mate, you probably took more care of your appearance by eating healthier and exercising more – you wanted to impress your future love matches after all. You had more time to do the things you wanted to do. Cook healthy, head to the gym to meet up with your gym buddies
  • You compared and competed against the other ‘thin’ girls for male attention. No one likes to be the ‘fat’ friend.
  • You probably spent a lot of time at the clubs with your girlfriends dancing the night away on your 6-inch heels – fantastic for burning calories!

All this came to a grinding halt when you hung up your single shoes.

What has made you load on the weight?
Ta-ta motivation
Once you are in love some women breathe a deep sigh of relief. The hard work is over, I got the man. Love has a funny way of making women feel relaxed and comfortable, and the more the relationship matures, so does her waist line. Your mate might not be very active and he wants to stay in for the night, so you cancel your gym session to spend time with him. Skip enough gym and you will find yourself not even wanting to go anymore… you’d much rather dig into your second packet of cheesy chips with your man.

Bad food choices
Before you met your mate, you used to enjoy salads, green tea and whole wheat tuna wraps… Yet those have all been traded in for greasy meals followed by a beer. Some men are not interested in their health or eating veggies and if you landed with one of these men, you probably have found yourself eating more of what he wants. It’s just easier and more convenient.

Yes, relationships bring good stress and bad stress. Good stress becomes celebrations with friends. Lots of food and high calorie drinks. Bad stress is caused when your relationship hits some bumps in the road, and one of the most common ways people deal with stress is to try and eat it away, which you know backfires.

HOW can you turn it around:
Tell Your Partner to Stop Tempting You
It may be cute when your mate dangles a Mars bar over your mouth and proceeds to devour it without gaining a millimeter in his waist, but if you can’t resist temptation, simply ask your guy to stop tempting you. Out of sight, out of mind just may help in your fight against relationship weight.

Don’t eat mirror image meals
Men burn calories faster than woman do. You will put on the weight, he won’t. If you both have medium frames and are moderately active, your mate will need about 40 percent more food than you each day to maintain a healthy weight. In other words – splitting an appetizer or dessert or eating the exact same thing for dinner just isn’t practical. So just because your appetite matches his doesn’t mean your portions should.

Don’t lose yourself
Find some independence from these bad habits, don’t expect him to change. Start becoming healthier and before you know it, you might rub off those good habits on your man.

Encourage exercise
Workout together. If you work out with your mate it is just another form of bonding. You can encourage and push each other. At the end you will both have a sense of accomplishment and know that you achieved it together.

Here comes the sexist remark:
What you have to realise, is that men are visual creatures. No matter how much weight he has gained or how his 6-pack can only be found  in the fridge, he will still expect you to look good. Yes it is called a double standard. If you have let yourself go, he is more likely to start looking at the thinner, well maintained girls, because lets face it ladies, we all know  men think with their………………….

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