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Monday, November 4, 2013

Anal & Rectal Problems

WARNING: This article contains profanity, explicit language, and mature subject matter!

At Dhealthstore.com, we cover every part and organ in the human body and every health issue pertaining to human beings and unashamedly. Well, the anus is a human body part and causes some issues today with many human beings for various reasons. It's not often that you'll hear about anal problems and solutions so we have decided to tackle this subject via article for our reviewing or reading audience.

Before we can deal with anal issue and problems, we must first know what the anus and its auxiliary parts are.

The anus is the opening at the terminal end of the anal canal. The anal canal is the final portion of the alimentary tract, about 4 cm long, between the rectal ampulla and the anus.

The rectum is "the large portion of the large intestine, about 12 cm long, continuous with the descending sigmoid colon, just proximal to the anal canal." Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 3rd ed., p. 1011

It may sound strange but the alimentary canal actually begins at the mouth. Yes, it begins at the mouth and ends at the anus. Food enters the body at the mouth and exits at the anus.

Because the alimentary canal begins at the mouth, at Dherbs.Com we constantly promote taking carbon (activated charcoal) in powdered form which can be swallowed (in a glass of water) from the mouth and travel through the stomach down to the intestines and ultimately to the rectum. Carbon in capsule form cannot do this as capsules disintegrate in the stomach after 30-45 minutes.


"Anal Fissure."
An anal fissure is "an linear ulceration or laceration of the skin of the anus." Mosby's supra.

An anal fissure could very well stem from an STD infection. However, an anal fissure denotes healing on the part of the body. Lesions and ulcerations on the body are signs that the body is attempting to expel waste, mainly because the normal eliminative channels are clogged and not accessible for the expelling of the waste. So while an ulceration or laceration may be quite irritating and perhaps embarrassing to many people, to the human body HEALING is taking place.

"Anal Fistula."
An anal fistula is "an abnormal opening on the cutaneous surface near the anus, usually resulting in a local crypt abscess and also common in Chron's disease. A perineal fistula may or may not communicate with the rectum." Mosby's supra, p. 59

An anal crypt is defined as "the depression between rectal columns that encloses networks of veins that, when inflamed and swollen, are called hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids basically means "blood flow" [Greek 'haima' meaning "blood" + 'rhoia' meaning "flow"].

Hemorrhoid is "a varicosity in the lower rectum or anus caused by congestion in the veins of the hemorrhoidal plexus. Internal hemorrhoids originate above the internal sphincter of the anus, they become constricted and painful. Small internal hemorrhoids may bleed with defecation. External hemorrhoids appear outside the anal sphincter. They are usually not painful, and bleeding does not occur unless a hemorrhoidal vein ruptures or thromboses." Mosby's supra, p. 559

The greatest causative factor of hemorrhoids is CONSTIPATION. See our “Constipation” article to learn about causes and effects and remedies for this insidious disease.

Working on the colon, cleansing it, and keeping it clean and functioning optimally is the best way to prevent constipation and thus hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids result from straining or excess straining while on the toilet in the process of defecation. When and if your stools are hard like cement bricks, you'll be straining while on the toilet - guaranteed. Only one thing causes the stools to become like bricks and that is the SAD (Standard American Diet): meat [dead slaughtered animal flesh, carrion], dairy products [liquid meat; cow snot-pus]; refined grains [sticking glue], refined starches [stiffening agent], etc.

When the stools are hard and one has to strain, fruits and vegetables are not being eaten at all or enough in the daily diet. Enzymes are missing. These enzymes are very necessary because they help stimulate peristalsis (bowel movement). Fruits and vegetables and other "living" foods are loaded with enzymes. Dead (processed) foods lack necessary enzymes. Processed foods may taste good (due to chemical food additives that deceive the palate), but taste is not the criterion for health. It never was and it will never be!

"Anal itching."
In most cases, anal itching or irritation may be a sign of parasites (parasitic infestation). Parasites are subject to infestation in any part of the body and the rectum and anus are no exception.

Itching in the area of the anus could also stem from an STD infection, like genital herpes. It is very common for warts, bumps, and lesions to appear in the area of the anus.

I have found that in most cases, anal itching is caused by parasitic infection in the anus.

Anal itching can be quite irritating (and embarrassing) because the anus is a strange place for one to scratch.

"Anal-rectal bleeding."
Anal or rectal bleeding can denote a few things health-wise. Anal bleeding can be a sign of ulcers (due to stress and/or aspirin drug use which literally burns a hole into the intestines as aspirin coverts into harmful and corrosive acetic acid). When one goes to defecate, the stools have blood in them. This can be from either internal hemorrhoids, internal ulcers, or in the worst-case scenario, cancer (i.e. stomach, colon, or rectal).

Dead animal flesh from meat consumption can sit in the rectum and rot and become cancerous. Though only 13% of the total U.S. population, African-Americans lead the nation in cases of colon and rectal cancer. I truly believe a variation of the standard American diet called 'soul food' (created by enslaved Black people during American slavery c. 1555-1865) plays a major role in Blacks or African-Americans leading the nation in colon and rectal cancer.

The 'soul food' diet is the worst diet a person can eat in my opinion. In fact, so-called free people shouldn't eat 'soul food' at all or in the first place, especially when one understands that this diet originated out of enslavement (a time of disempowerment).

Black people ate the worst so-called food (i.e., pig entrails, a/k/a chitterlings, ham hock) because they could do no better and had no choice to eat better BACK THEN (i.e. slavery days). They ate what they could and what was available, which was usually the worst part of the animal or the leftovers of an animal. But today, there's plenty of choice! Healthy choices! But the simple fact that the majority of African-Americans still like to eat what their enslaved ancestors ate is a clear sign of the effectiveness of the Willie Lynch Syndrome, whether Mr. Lynch existed or not (as it is the syndrome that is effective), and Post Slavery Traumatic Syndrome. To have a present-day choice to eat better (healthier) but instead voluntarily choose to eat unhealthy denotes pathology in the form of MENTAL DISEASE!

Anal bleeding can also be the result of anal penetration. The skin sheath or covering of the anus is only one coat or layer strong unlike the female vagina, which is three coats or layers strong, in addition to the ability to self-lubricate unlike the anus. When the skin tears from anal penetration, bleeding will occur.

Anal penetration is big today, especially here in the U.S. and is result of excessive sexual repression. Sexual practices that were once taboo, are chic today.

Homosexual males have always engaged in anal penetration but the practice is big today amongst heterosexuals. People are engaging in anal sex today for many reasons, i.e., for sexual experience and exploration or for deeper psychological reasons.

In sexual psychology, the need to anal penetrate someone denotes a feeling of the need to inflict punishment on someone; and on the flip side, the need and/or desire of someone to be anally penetrated denotes a feeling of the need to be punished stemming from a feeling of guilt or naughtiness. Now remember, we’re talking sexual psychology since nowadays many are into anal sex and it has no association with punishment whatsoever.

Anal penetration is penal in nature. It is ironic to me that 'penal' pertains to the male penis as well as 'crime' or 'criminal' (as in penal institution or Penal Code). Without a doubt the male penis is associated with punishment. Is it any wonder that in U.S. jails and prisons (penal institutions) anal penetration is a common practice and is used as a form of punishment by inmates?

I'm not saying anal sex or penetration is criminal, because I believe in 'to each his own' and/or free will. Everything boils down to experience. Many people enjoy anal sex due to the sensation and gratification they receive, especially males (homosexuals), as anal sex can have a stimulating effect on the prostate gland. But at the same time it can damage the anal sphincter muscle and cause anal bleeding and leaking of feces or fecal liquid (which is common in many homosexual males).

And for women who engage in anal sex and who allow males to ejaculate sperm/semen into their rectums on an ongoing basis, they can develop all kinds of health problems from anal bleeding, constipation (due to blocking the downward spiral energy of the rectum which physically manifests with the colon being blocked with physical debris), anal infection (herpes, warts), and even rectal cancer (over many years).

Hygiene is a big part of anal sex if you engage in this act. For the female who allows herself to be penetrated anally, followed by vaginal penetration, is subjecting herself to serious bacterial infection. And God forbid she performs fellatio on the penis that just came out of her rectum.

There should be no vaginal penetration or fellatio after anal penetration. However, the sad truth is that many out there simply have no regard to health and hygiene and are allowing the penis that entered their rectum to enter their mouth and/or vagina. This is being performed by overly permissive and submissive individuals who have the need to be punished, victimized, taken advantage of, disrespected, and devalued for mental and psychological reasons usually due to imbalanced lower chakras and underlying feelings or emotions of fear, guilt, and shame usually stemming from childhood or past life trauma.

"Rectal cancer."

Rectal cancer can result from various things, i.e. "keeping shit (negativity, drama) in" over one's entire lifetime, numerous years of anal abuse via anal penetration from various males who ejaculate not only their sperm, but their sick intention (energy) into the person, and insalubrious diet loaded with dead animal flesh (meat).

As all disease is first energetic and metaphysics apply in cases of all disease and disorder, the biggest causative factor of rectal cancer in my honest assessment is "keeping or holding shit (stuff, drama, negativity) in for numerous years," putting up with people, events, and circumstances that are "a pain in the ass", and "taking it up the ass" or "bending over" (meaning, allowing people to shaft you, disrespect you, dominate you, punk you, and/or control you because you feel powerless and/or dependent on these individuals for something.

People who easily and politely "bend over" and "take it up the ass" metaphorically speaking, just to please people are people who have given up their power, their personal power and sovereignty. They don't rule or govern themselves and their lives. They exist for the pleasure of others. They are dependent upon others for their life or livelihood or they just feel powerless due to feeling like a victim. They are people who easily compromise what they believe in and stand for. They don't like confrontation so much to the point that they just prefer to "bend over" and get "fucked up the ass", but they always and only walk away with nothing but a feeling or sense of pain, humiliation, and/or embarrassment.

Years of frustration, sorrow, grief, anger, humiliation, and embarrassment eat these people up inside and continue to build up in these people over the years and because these people don't know how to release these negative emotions and/or change their thinking and attitude to positive ones, they manifest their emotions that eat them up and/or get the best of them, physically - the result being cancer in the rectum because the energy was one of "taking it up the ass" or "bending over."

Shit (negativity, drama) is released from the anus and because these people didn't release their 'shit' (or 'bullshit') from the rectum of their minds, they ended up developing cancer in their physical rectum of their body, fulfilling the universal maxim, "as above, so below" and "as within, so without."

The above brings us to the metaphysical causation of anal problems.

Our bodies responds to the vibration of words and when it comes to the anus, rectum, and the entire intestinal tract and its function and what comes out of it for that matter, the majority of people have a disdain for this system, its body parts, and the refuse that is eliminated from it.

In the English language, so much blatant disrespect is associated with the "ass" (rectum) and what comes out of it (feces, defecation, maconium, refuse, a/k/a "shit"). Just look at the plethora of pejorative terms and phrases linked to the anus and rectum:

"You're an asshole!"

"Stick your head up your ass!"

"You're an ass!"

"You're a tight ass!"

"Ass wipe!"

"You're giving me a booty ache!"

"You're simply assed out!"

"You're up shit creek without a paddle!"

"You got your ass handed to you!"

"I'll kick your ass!"

"You ain't shit!"

"You make my ass hurt!"

"Fuck you in your ass, bitch!"

The entire alimentary canal responds to these statements that are recorded in the subconscious mind at the solar plexus, our power center. The solar plexus is the home of the ego and the statements and phrases supra impact and activate the ego. Many of these phrases and statements supra can put out the light of your personal power and overlap into the area of the neighboring chakras, especially the fourth chakra (love center) and the second chakra (relationship and emotions center).

"Herbs." Herbs that assist in the healing of anal problems include:

SENNA LEAF, which works excellent on the large colon and the rectum. I personally use Senna Leaf tea as an enema solution. It works wonders! I replaced Epsom Salt with Senna many years ago.

CASCARA SAGRADA, which helps counteract constipation and a very sluggish colon. Cathartic and laxative herbs greatly help prevent and/or remedy hemorrhoids as well as Crohn's Disease.

HORSE CHESTNUT. Though not a colon herb, I highly recommend Horse Chestnut here because of its ability to heal, repair, and tone the veins, not only in the legs, but also throughout the whole body including the anus. Hemorrhoids involve the veins in the anus area as pointed out supra.

ALOE VERA RESIN. This is another exceptional aid with great laxative and healing properties that I highly recommend for anal healing and all colon conditions.

Herbs that help stop bleeding or hemorrhaging include: Goldenseal Root, Cranesbill, Dragon's Blood, Beth or Birth Root, Yarrow, Cramp Bark, Shepherd's Purse, Lady's Mantle, and Manjistha to name a few.

"Dhealthstore.Com formulas." We recommend that you perform the Full Body Detox followed by the Supreme Colon Cleanse at least 2 times per year.

Individual Dhealthstore.Com formulas that greatly assist in healing and/or preventing anal problems such as hemorrhoids include: Hemorrhoid Buster, Bowel Mover, Conon Formula, Sen-Fen, Intestinal Janitor, Circulaid Formula and Veins Formula.

Avoid using commercial brand laxative such as Ex-Lax as many pharmaceutical grades of laxatives can be very addictive (as drugs have a tendency to be) and create dependency, something herbs don't create.

"Aloe Vera Gel and Aloe Vera Juice." Aloe Vera gel can be rubbed on hemorrhoids or anal lesions or sores to facilitate healing. Aloe Vera juice is a powerful tonic to drink for purposes of healing internal wounds such as gastric ulcers and colon conditions of diverticulitis, colitis, and Crohn's Disease.

ENEMAS. Performing a weekly enema can greatly help keep the anus clean and healthy. Contrary to any negative hype surrounding the performance of enemas, enemas are very safe and effective, especially when the enema solution is of an herbal nature. An enema can be performed with regular water (distilled or alkaline is best in this case), herbal tea (herbal laxatives or cathartics), or organic coffee (if you want to target and cleanse your liver).

I highly recommend periodic enemas to individuals who perform anal sex (the partner penetrated in the act). This is of utmost important and should be performed for health and hygiene purposes.

COLONICS. Colonics or colon hydrotherapy is also very effective in maintaining the health of the anus and keeping it clean. I recommend three (3) colonics every three (3) months for the viciously loyal meat-eater as nothing one can eat does as much harm to the intestinal tract and alimentary system as dead slaughtered animal flesh (carrion).

There is no sound, wholistic, and permanent healing absent healing of the mind - changing the negative and destructive thought patterns that creates disease in the flesh. As such, we highly recommend that you order and READ our The Mental Science Manual e-book.

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At April 25, 2018 at 4:52 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Hemorrhoid was one of my problems 6months ago. I was very afraid when I saw blood after I did a bowel movement and feel a lump 'down there' after a week. Then it's symptoms appeared like itching, pain, swelling, inflaming, and burning sensations. These symptoms hindered my daily activities so that I started using venapro hemorrhoids relief.It turned out to be very effective.


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