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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Eat Your Stomach Pains away!!!

People eat for taste & not for health...They even eat to the point of upset stomachs & constipation & diarrhea!  Year after year after year sucking down Mylanta & Pepto Bismal & Zantac!  If we remove from our diet the foods that cause these problems, we'll see a change nearly immediately.

(NaturalNews – Raw Michelle) Digestive problems are not uncommon; it’s estimated that 25 million Americans will get a peptic ulcer at one point in their life. (1) Even children under 12 may have GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease), but instead of having the accompanying heartburn, may instead find themselves with a dry cough or have a hard time swallowing. (1)

Add to this those who seek immediate relief by taking liquid or pill antacids to help stave off heartburn and other discomforts, and we’re a western world filled with gut problems and the many ill attempts to make it all better.

But it turns out that all that effort to fight digestive issues could be more harmful than anything, as acid and bacteria in the gut are not meant to be diminished or eliminated, but healthily maintained. Fighting what’s naturally meant to exist in the body does more harm than good and the bad name that stomach acid has received over the years should cease as Jonathan V. Wright, M.D., author of “Why Stomach Acid is Good for You,” explains. (3)

He’s worked with thousands of people who have had everything from bloating to heartburn, saying that, “most of these individuals had been compounding their health problems by taking antacids or acid-blocking drugs either on their own or on the advice of health care practioners.” (2)
Even back in the mid-90s it was an issue. “Maalox and Mylanta — people just drink them like water,” said Dr. Man C. Fung, lead author of a report that linked its magnesium consumption to death. “They don’t even think about it.” (3)

Rather than turn to over the counter or other methods to “improve” the way the gut works, there are many natural ways to help find relief from heartburn while also boosting overall gut health.

Top foods to help heal gut health

Fruits and vegetables

The fiber from fruits and vegetables helps keep the digestive tract in check as opposed to fiber obtained from non-plant sources, which can worsen overall health. (4) Plus, eating them is good for you anyway; time and time again the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables are reported, often helping people heal from illnesses, boost weight loss, increase energy and just feel better overall.

Coconut oil

Its antifungal and antimicrobial properties make coconut oil a great way to get rid of the harmful bacteria in the gut, allowing only the good kind to flourish. (5)

Fermented foods

Sauerkraut, water or milk kefir and miso are some fermented foods that contain beneficial bacteria that help to maintain a healthy gut. (5)


Long touted as a healing food across the board, garlic works to improve gut health by helping probiotics thrive. (6) It’s considered a prebiotic, which means that it provides nutrients for probiotics to feed on. In turn, the natural flora of the digestive system stays in harmony, making it difficult for bad bacteria to wreak havoc.

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