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Monday, September 16, 2013

Fast Food Workers Demand Living Wage

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 by Mike Adams

A series of rolling fast food "walkout" strikes makes it way to the South this Thursday, August 29th. Thousands of workers from Dallas, Houston, Austin, Memphis, Tampa and over a dozen other cities are planning to walk off their jobs to protest the fact that they aren't being paid $15 / hour to serve GMOs, high-fructose corn syrup, soybean-assisted "meat" burgers and aspartame to their customers.

Yet I say it's a call for a nationwide celebration! And the only thing better than fast food workers walking off their jobs for a day would be fast food workers walking off their jobs forever.

Consider the irony of all this for just a moment: Fast food workers demand to be paid a "living wage" to serve food that's killing everybody. It's not even debated anymore that the very foods served at fast food restaurants -- high in processed salt, chemical additives, fried fats, refined sugars, MSG, acrylamides, aspartame and GMOs -- are the primary culprits behind our nation's growing epidemic of chronic disease: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's and more. The average fast food meal contains over 100 chemicals, many of which are known to cause cancer and other diseases. Almost nothing served by fast food establishments is considered "nutritious."

So any day that the fast food industry is shut down is a good day for the health of all Americans. In fact, I'm calling this Thursday a national holiday: The "National Health Food Day" where everybody gets a mandatory break from all the toxins they'd normally shove down their throats while expecting Obamacare to pay all the costs of the diseases they acquire as a result.

Have you seen what the Natural News Forensic Food Lab found in Chicken McNuggets? Strange fibers, weird hair-like structures, bizarre colorants and more. This is fast food, folks. And the word "food" almost doesn't belong in the phrase.

Fast food workers need more money to pay all their sick-care costs

Only in America do people demand university graduate-level wages to serve up chemically-altered fake food that causes the very diseases which raise the costs of health insurance that force fast food companies to slash hours and cut jobs in the first place.

Talk about an insane spiral of self-destruction...

Remarkably, the point of view of the low-income class of workers who are behind all this is merely that they are not being paid enough to poison the population with foods that cause disease. Apparently if they were all paid $15 / hour, then everything would be okay. Heck, at that rate they all might even be able to afford the chemotherapy treatments and diabetes drugs they'll all eventually need to treat all the disease symptoms caused by eating their own product.

And as long as fast food workers are being paid $15 / hour, I think cancer center chemotherapy poison technicians should be paid $50 / hour. Hospital workers should get $75 / hour and funeral home workers should bring home $100 / hour. It's America's new sick-care economy! And it's all been captured right here in my CounterThink cartoon called Business is Booming!

We need nutritious food, not fast food

When fast food workers demand a "living wage" to keep serving food that's killing everybody, you have to shake your head in realizing the irony of it all. Ultimately what everybody wants is some sort of quality of life, right? Well you're never going to get quality of life if you're eating your way to cancer, diabetes and heart disease. And that's what the fast food menus really serve up, after all: short-term taste entertainment in your mouth followed by long-term health damage, disease, hospitalization and death.

Alas, low-income fast food workers are probably not sophisticated enough to understand how they are being used as pawns in a vast global scheme to spread disease and turn hungry customers into profitable sick-care patients that enrich hospitals, drug companies, health insurance conglomerates and cancer clinics.

If all the diseases caused by fast food were caused by a virus instead, the CDC would declare it a level-5 pandemic. But because it's being caused by junk foods that uninformed consumers keep voluntarily shoveling down their threats, this origin of disease remains utterly ignored by the CDC, FDA and USDA alike.

Demanding wages, not health

My last point on all this is how astonished I am that the political left is so strongly pushing for "living wages" but completely ignores the concept of "living foods."

What good is it that low-income families bring home $15 / hour if all that money goes to pay cancer clinics, dialysis centers and diabetes drugs?

The answer to this is not to vote for some politician who promises you free health care -- because nothing is ever really free -- but to reform the food culture so that people are eating foods that sustain life rather than causing disease and death.

Where are the marches for living foods? Where is the "March For Nutrition" for low-income Americans? The USDA's food stamp program ("SNAP") is most commonly used to buy and consume toxic processed foods containing virtually no real nutrition.

As L.A.'s "guerrilla gardener" Ron Finley says, "Funny thing is, the drive-thrus are killin' more people than the drive-bys. People are dying from curable diseases in South Central LA."

What's he's saying -- and he's right about it -- is that fast food kills more people than all the gang violence combined. In fact, it kills more people than terrorism. More people than natural disasters. More people than wars. Our culture of fast food is a culture of death. And if the only thing people can see wrong with the system is that workers aren't being paid enough to keep killing everybody with toxic foods, then there's something fundamentally, profoundly wrong with our society's lack of recognition about the real sources of our problems.

What if, instead of paying fast food workers $15 / hour to serve toxic foods, we paid them $15 / hour to grow sprouts or make superfood smoothies? How would our society change if customers demanded healthy, nutritious foods instead of toxic, chemically-altered processed factory foods? My assertion is that we'd all be healthier and wealthier as a result because the current 25% of GDP that goes to cover sickness and disease in America could be redirected to something far more useful.

Fast food destroys societies

I'll go one step further here and suggest that fast food actually destroys societies. In every nation around the world where America's fast food chains set up shop, you immediately see multi-cultural changes that ripple through society, destroying the things that really matter in life:

• A sharp drop in nutritional value of foods commonly consumed
• A drop in wages offered to low-income workers
• An increase in trash and environmental pollution
• An increase in the chemical burden of consumers who eat the fast food
• An eventual increase in disease rates, hospitalizations and health care costs
• A worsening of agricultural practices to provide low-cost materials to the fast food industry. Ultimately, farming practices are made less sustainable

This is all set in motion by fast food, an industry that offers nothing of lasting value to society and only exploits its customers for corporate profit.

So please, everyone, walk off the job this Thursday if you work at a fast food restaurant. But don't make the mistake of returning to work on Friday. Quit your job and stop being used as a pawn in the global scheme to keep everybody diseased for profit.

Because fast food, when it comes down to it, is actually slow death.

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