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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Death Sentence Beat by Mother Nature

This powerful testimonial was written by an anonymous cancer survivor that went from certain death to complete remission using alternative medicine over his Oncologist’s objections. This case is especially noteworthy because of the swiftness, 4 months, of the cure and the fact it was verified by an Oncologist using Pet/CT scans before and after alternative treatment. There is something powerful to be learned by all cancer survivors here. – Pdazzler

Colon Cancer
I am a 41 year old male that has been diagnosed with STAGE 4 COLON CANCER. My Oncologist told me I had only 6 months to 1 year to live without Chemotherapy, and 2 to 3 years left to live with Chemo. When the doctor gives you a death sentence like that, you begin to question what the next 2 to 3 years would be like going with their drugs. Not good!!! 6 months of Chemo just to go into another PET/CT scan. After that they would start dumping more poison into me until eventual death. What other conclusion could there be? Scans and Chemo, “Until Death Do Us Part”.

I had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma 6 years ago, and did 3 months of Chemo and a month of Radiation to get rid of it. Those treatments left me with lymphedema of the left arm and fried saliva glands. I still have a swollen left arm and dry mouth today. I wish I knew then what I know now. I would have never gone through that misery!

Well, my family and friends insisted on me doing the Chemo. I figured since I did Chemo before, I wondered how much more damage could it possibly do. The Oncologist said that this Chemo was baby food compared to the Chemo I did for the Lymphoma. So I tried the Chemo. I went for two times getting that poison flowing into my body.

The first round had almost no side effects, but the second round hit my stomach like I just drank a cup of acid. My stomach hurt for 10 days after the Chemo, and what did I have to look forward to?…more poison in 4 days. NOT!!! I would rather let the cancer kill me than the Chemo.

Exercise is Critical
That’s when my journey onto a path less traveled began. It worked! 4 months later I had another PET/CT scan and the Oncologist said, “I don’t know what you are doing, but keep it up. I can’t point to any area of your body and say that you have cancer.”

Well, great news! I’M CURED! The Oncologist didn’t even want to know what I did. If it is not DRUGS they don’t want to know. There is no money in natural cures so they won’t even listen. Personally, if I want to die from a drug it will be an enjoyable one!!! There is NOTHING ENJOYABLE about Chemotherapy!

Before all this began, I was an avid long distance bicyclist. I was averaging at least 200 miles a week, and worked out at least twice a week at the gym. I was in great shape! My only problem was with my diet. I hated veggies! I loved meat. Not a healthy way to go obviously.

All this began with a simple side ache. My doctor thought I had a kidney infection, and put me on antibiotics for a month. The pain seemed to have gone, but I went for a bike ride and the pain came back. The doctor sent me to a specialist/surgeon. The specialist sent me in for a CT scan. He called me at 5:30 pm Friday, and told me to check myself into the emergency ward at the local hospital. My appendix needed to come out.

He went in for laparoscope surgery and found more infection going on and cut me wide open. He ended up removing half my large intestine and left me with an ileostomy bag. While I was recovering, an Oncologist came in and told me that 2 out of 12 lymph nodes tested positive for Colon Cancer. Stage 3 at that point. He wanted to start me up on Chemo right away. Well, there was no way in hell I was going through 6 months of Chemo with this dehumanizing ileostomy bag. So I fired the first Oncologist.

After the specialist put me back together, three months later I had a PET/CT scan. The cancer had spread! Stage 4 with a 2 inch golf ball size tumor under where my belly button used to be, 2 lymph nodes in my abdominal area, and a spot in my chest. The second Oncologist gave me the news…maybe a year to live without and 2 -3 years with Chemo.

My facebook friends told me about a documentary called “THE BEAUTIFUL TRUTH” WOW! What an eye opener that was. I bought the books “THE GERSON THERAPY” and “SETTING YOURSELF APART FROM THE SEEDS OF CANCER” and followed the program. I also tried almost every natural cure, and supplement that I could find and afford.

Other therapies include Apricot seeds or B17 Laetrile, Rick Simpson Hemp Oil, Detox Showers, and other supplements. I can’t say for sure what cured my cancer. I got a lot of information from Pdazzler.com and Pdazzler.net. He has almost every natural cure there is on his sites. Pdazzler sites are very well organized and an awesome source of information. Paul also answers questions and gives great advice.

I gave up all meat and dairy, processed foods, and sugar. I started juicing 10 cups of carrot juice and 7 cups of multi-colored veggies with powdered Spirulina, Chlorella, Vita-mineral Greens, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, and Greens To Go. I was also drinking smoothies with lots of veggies and some fruits to get the fiber in my diet.

The other part is the daily coffee enemas. Detoxing is very important! I was also monitoring my pH levels. Cancer can’t live in an alkaline environment so increase the body’s pH levels, and starve the cancer of sugar and say bye bye to the cancer. On top of my diet, I ate 40 apricot seeds a day and enough Rick Simpson Hemp Oil to have cured my cancer three times. Almost two grams a day in gel caps. Now the Oncologist said that this was good and healthy, but would not cure my cancer. He couldn’t be more wrong!

Today, I am still a vegetarian. I don’t miss meat anymore, except when I pass by a BBQ joint and smell that cooking meat. Smells great, but I tell myself that I don’t need it and just enjoy the smell. The only changes in my diet are the processed vegetarian meats. They taste as good as or even better than real meat! I don’t see any reason to ever add meat back into my diet. My body, skin, and hair feel softer and healthier than before. This is truly the road to be on! I still do coffee enemas almost daily, and 5000 mg a day of vitamin C and 5000 i.u. of vitamin D. I was doing 10,000 mg of C and 12,000 i.u.of vitamin D on my protocol.

I encourage everyone reading this to never listen to an Oncologist. Remember, if the body produces it, the body can also eliminate the problem. The key is nutrition. Give the body what it actually needs and the body will heal itself! Thank You for reading my story. I hope it helps!

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